Art Direction
Groove X, 2018

Even though we are more connected than ever, technology has failed to bring us any closer.

Globally, there is a growing sense of detachment and loneliness, with profound impact on mental health. In Japan, youth are increasingly withdrawing from society in a phenomenon known as Hikikomori, and a rapidly aging population is spending their days alone.

We partnered with Groove X to launch LOVOT, the next generation of companion robot whose mission is to bring more love to humanity.

Creative Director: Ikuo Toyama 
Associate Creative Director: Masa Tanaka
Junior Designer: Joo Young 
Creative Technologist: Kumi Tominaga
Strategist: Keisuke Nakajima
Producer: Naru Kudo

Film Director: Hayato Ando 
Photographer: Nobuto Osakabe
Producer: Kenichi Sudo

Based in Tokyo