Branding + Exhibition Space
Shiseido, 2019

What if we could meet each other at different ages, beyond what's possible: if child suddenly becomes older than parent; a couple meets before they met in real life; friends jump 20 years into the future. What would change? What would stay the same?

BEYOND TIME is a digital time-travel experience that lets people see and talk to those closest to them, at various stages of their lives.

We developed this installation based on 100 years of Shiseido’s extensive scientific research on aging. It involved decades of 3D facial data gathered from a diverse range of women and men, aged from 10 to 80. Using the latest technology, we can accurately show, in real time and in three dimensions, how people look during the various stages of their lives.

This unique experience can help people see each other in ways they never could before. After they explore unknown sides of one another, they might just come away with a new appreciation for each other in the present.

Associate Creative Director: Masa Tanaka
Design Director: Toru Nagahama
Producer: Naru Kudo

Production: Camp KAZ

Based in Tokyo