Masa Tanaka
Design + Direction
I only work to have fun

Shiseido Professional, 2018

This film was created for Shiseido Professional to inspire, support, and empower a new generation of beauty creators. We featured three top stylists from Shiseido Professional and asked them to express in their own way what beauty is using the same model. By showing close-ups and unexpected angles of the three styles, we created a film that not only makes your heart feel, but that you, tangibly and physically, feel the Shiseido Professional experience.

This film was shown during the Beauty Congress 2018 in Tokyo and inspired stylists to create their own, untamed beauty.

Creative Director: Niklas Lilja,
Associate Creative Director: Masa Tanaka

Director: Davi Sing
Director of Photography: Corey Fuller
Editor: Shane Lester
Lighting design: Sugar

Apple Watch Nike+
Product Design
NIKE, 2016

The simplest, most fun possible running experience only possible on Apple Watch Series 2. A lifestyle vision that only Nike and Apple together could bring to life.

The team and I worked closely with Nike to create an entire watch experience for Nike Running Club. 

Creative Director: Ben Williams
Associate Creative Director: Gabriel Cheung
Design Director: Masa Tanaka
Visual Designer: Jessica Necor
Associate Creative Director (UX): Gene Lu, Derek Chen
UX Designer: Terrence Ma
Producer: Matthew Boncek, Nancy Ward

Tokyo Pen Pixel
Branding, Installation Design
MUJI, 2017



Tokyo Pen Pixel is a mural of the Tokyo skyline composed from 37,968 multicolored MUJI pens, brought to life by projection mapping. We collaborated with MUJI and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to promote city of Tokyo by creating a unique Christmas gift experience for sister city, Paris. The installation was displayed at the Forum des Halles store in Paris for 2 weeks and all the pens were given out to the customers at the end of the installation as a gift from Tokyo. 

Creative Director: George Sugitomo
Associate Creative Director: Masa Tanaka
Design Director: Toru Nagahama
Visual Designer: Sookie Lee
Producer: Naru Kudo

POLLEN Magazine Issue 02
POLLEN, 2016

‘Creaturely life’: the peculiar proximity of the human and the animal at the sites where they seem most distinct, and the permanent vulnerability of living creatures at all times tied to their fleshy, suffering, organic base.

Design: Samuel Rhodes + Masa Tanaka
Editor: Ezekiel Morgan
Based in Tokyo